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11 Tricks That Will Help You Generate More Traffic from Google [Infographic]

11 Tricks That Will Help You Generate More Traffic from Google [Infographic] Are you looking for ways to generate more traffic from Google? Want to know how to make your website stand out and increase your click through rate? Larry Page and Brian Dean share their guide to increasing organic click through rates in this infographic. 11 Tricks That Will Help You Generate More Traffic from Google [Infographic]  ...
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7S.pw Free, Fast & Secure URL Shortener

Today we are going to introduce the brand new service launched by CalcSEO.com called 7S.pw which is used for URL Shortening purposes. Follow the article below to know more about URL Shortening service. 7s.Pw Free, Fast & Secure URL Shortener What is URL Shortener service? URL shortening is a technique to convert a long URL (site or page address) to a shorter version. This shorter version of the URL is usually cleaner and easier to share or remember. When someone accesses the shortened address, the browser redirects to the original...
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Drive More Traffic Using These Content Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

Do you want more people to visit your website? Want to know how to join the power of content marketing to build your business? In this infographic by DigitalVidya you will learn how to use proper content marketing strategies in order to get more people to visit your website or even generate more customers. Content Marketing plays a vital rule in the promotion of online businesses and every website, so follow the infographic to learn 27 top content marketing strategies that will help you in driving 3x more traffic. Drive...
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Free Premium SEO Plugins for Every WordPress Site

Free Premium SEO Plugins for Every WordPress Site Once you’ve installed WordPress and gotten started on building and maintaining your own blog, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your blog better for search engines and make it user-friendly. While there are many tactics to doing this, from creating more content to improving your blog’s overall design, one of the best and easiest ways to give your blog a boost is through WP plugins. Plugins are simple, easy-to-install free or paid tools that develop the functionality...
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Easy Yet Powerful Ways To Drive 2X More Traffic

Easy Yet Powerful Ways To Drive 2x More Traffic As a beginner, I’m sure you’ve noticed the irresistible amount of information out there when it comes to getting traffic to a new blog or website. I’m here to give you all the necessary information you need to succeed. To put it in more detail: in this post you’ll get five traffic generation policies that have been confirmed to work & drive 2x more traffic. How well they work is totally up to you. Stop looking for the magic bullet....
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Optimize Website Using Gzip Compression Download & Install

Website Gzip compression makes it promising to reduce the size of web pages and any other typical web files to about 30% or less of its original size before it gets sent to the visitor. This compressed file is then served to the browser of the visitor which decompresses it automatically where after the full file gets served to the visitor again. Enabling Gzip compression is great for refining page speed because the browser of your visitor will need to download much smaller web files as the unique ones...
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