Easy Yet Powerful Ways To Drive 2X More Traffic

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Easy Yet Powerful Ways To Drive 2X More Traffic

08/13/2016 8:00 AM by Admin in Tutorials

Easy Yet Powerful Ways To Drive 2x More Traffic
Easy Yet Powerful Ways To Drive 2x More Traffic

As a beginner, I’m sure you’ve noticed the irresistible amount of information out there when it comes to getting traffic to a new blog or website.

I’m here to give you all the necessary information you need to succeed. To put it in more detail: in this post you’ll get five traffic generation policies that have been confirmed to work & drive 2x more traffic.

How well they work is totally up to you. Stop looking for the magic bullet. Buckle your seat belt and step on the gas.

You’ll never get anywhere if you keep looking for the best way to get traffic, because everyone has different likings. Worst of all, you often bump into people who don’t know what they are talking about, which ends up costing you a lot of time. With all that said, if you want more traffic, here’s what you have to follow:

1. Content Matters

Before you go out and say people about your blog / website, you have to get it in order, which means writing at least five great posts, rather more. Make the best first ding you are capable of making.

This doesn’t have to be hard. This doesn’t have to be something you delay on for months. Just do your best and go from there.

Get started and tweak as you go. It’s not about perfection, it’s about results, and you won’t get any if you don’t take action.

Action Plan:

  • Find the pain points of your audience by browsing forums, blogs and being observant
  • Write five great posts to prepare new visitors
  • Write backup posts for a rainy day when you don’t feel like writing

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Content needs to be optimized in the right way for major search engines and other web ranking websites. SEO is a continuous process hence you can’t put an end to it using 5-10 techniques.

Action Plan:

3. Blog Commenting Tactic

After your blog is filled with splendid articles, look for blogs related to your niche (topic). Anything that has people reading that may be even remotely interested in what you write about is okay.

The amount of blogs you comment on is up to you. In order to stand out with your comments, do the opposite of everyone else. If you see everyone leaving “great post!” comments, leave one that is long and valuable.

Action Plan:

  • Subscribe to as many blogs you feel you can read
  • Leave a high-quality (descriptive) comment whenever a new post is published (especially on CommentLuv enabled blogs
  • Delight not only the blog owner, but the readers as well with your comments

Blog commenting is a cool strategy for building backlinks & relation with other bloggers & webmasters.

4. Article Marketing

Commenting gets your blog off the ground, but after a while it isn’t really worth it. That’s when you upgrade your ammo and jump to article marketing.

In order to keep it simple, write and submit to the biggest article directory: Ycombinator or EzineArticles. You’ll get links and direct traffic. The more you write the more you’ll get.

There’s no secret plan. The more you do the more traffic you get. Test what works, and exclude the rest.

Action Plan:

  • Write as many 300-400 word articles per day as you can
  • Submit them to article directories
  • Write great headlines
  • Write a persuasive resource box

5. Connecting With Communities

You should connect with other bloggers and people as soon as possible, but it isn’t always accurate to do right away without overwhelm, which is why it is number 5.

Start simple and with one social media network. Start with Twitter.

Forget about Facebook and all the other social media sites. The more you add to your plate, the more distracted you’ll be.

Connecting with others has helped me fuse rock-solid partnerships, get links and best of all, make awesome new connections I never even thought were possible over the internet.

Action Plan:

  • Sign-up for a Twitter account
  • Start following your favorite people, bloggers and whomever
  • Tweet valuable links, tips and information
  • Keep self-promotion to less than 1-2 tweet out of 10

6. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a top-secret for growing a blog from 0 to 1,012 subscribers in 30 days. It’s almost indistinguishable to article marketing, but instead of submitting your article to an article directory, you submit it to a blog.

If it gets approved, you get a blog post with acknowledgement, which means links and traffic for you. The only reason I suggest guest posting last is because you have to build your blog and improve your writing.

If you have a completely fresh blog that doesn’t look too good, chances are your guest posts will be turned down, unless they are amazingly good. Show bloggers that you’re serious. Show them that you’ll be here in a few years and the response will change.

Action Plan:

  • Find a few small blogs in your niche or ask someone you already know
  • Send them three applicable, great headlines as a pitch for a blog post
  • Be nice, short and clear in your initial e-mail
  • Keep It Simple and Take Action

When you’re getting started, you will get overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.

Minimize these blog-killers by keeping everything simple. Use the strategies I’ve outlined above and stop learning more until you’ve made them work.

Everything you need is in this article. If you fail to get traffic to your blog, you have no one but yourself to blame. I have personally used the strategies above to get this blog off the ground, so I know they work.

Keep it simple and always focus on taking action, even if it means not having a clue about what you’re doing. You’ll learn as you go. Also use CalcSEO's 50+ Premium SEO Tools for Free to see different web ranking metrics for your website.

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